Monday, February 28, 2005


Daria on Ocean Drive

Gregor Samsa completed "Morgendorffer P. I." on PPMB.

Roentgen completed another part of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes" on SFMB.

Art: From "Ocean Drive" Magazine (issue unknown -- "Ocean Drive" is a high-end magazine dealing with Miami social life):


La La La

Wraith wrote a new segment of "FBCB".

Richard Lobinske completed Part 4 of "Alien Heritage".

Lawndale Stalker completed another segment of "Kidnapped".

Kaimelar Feylove started Part 2 of "What Happens Next?"

Greystar completed another segment of "Daria 3059".

The Angst Guy completed Part 6 of "Drive".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Iron Cynic - Chapter 05 - The Files" by DJW
"A Step Too Far" by DJW
"Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X Series - Episode 01" by DJW
"Bed and Breakfast Man - Chapter 12 - Behind the Music" by Ruthless Bunny

Added to

Chapter 2 of "Summer Vacation All I Ever Wanted!" by Mirei Nochi
Chapter 2 of "A Star Away from the Moon" by Mirei Nochi

Fan art by Stephanie 'Zero' Maiolino:

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Free Parking

A new Israeli Daria website was found by The Angst Guy. The link is here .

Some pictures of a younger Kristen Bealer can be seen here , here , and here .

Some pictures of DJW from his New York trip are here . (Warning: You need to install Shockwave -- there is a lower quality version here for those that don't care to wait as long.)

ahmygoddess left this somewhat ambiguous message at PPMB:

"It's been a fun run.....time now to check out. OH has been a part of my life ever since "The Esteemsters" first aired. On the whole, it has been an enjoyable experience."

Wraith completed another segment of "FBCB".

Gregor Samsa wrote "Miss Morgendorffer's Profession" on PPMB.

Richard Lobinske completed Part 3 of "Alien Heritage".

The Great Saiyaman completed Page 12 of his new Daria erotic comic at SFMB.

The Angst Guy completed Chapter 5 of "Drive".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Iron Cynic - Chapter 03 - Under the Principal's Orders" by DJW
"Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X Series - Episode 00" by DJW
"The She-Tiger" by DJW
"Bed and Breakfast Man - Chapter 11 - Free Parking" by Ruthless Bunny

Fan Art: another DVD cover by TAFKA at deviantart .

Saturday, February 26, 2005


PPMB Intermittent

UK free-to-air digital channel TMF today skipped three episodes in its run of Season Four of DARIA. Over a week they skipped from "Psycho Therapy" to "Fire". (Stolen/altered from The Daria News Archive .)

PPMB has been up and down. Right now, it's up, but you might get an error message accessing PPMB in the future.

The Angst Guy completed Chapter 4 of "Drive".

Lawndale Stalker completed new segments of "Foggy Lawyer Breakdown" and "Kidnapped".

Scissors MacGillicutty completed "Exiles, Part 1".

Wraith completed another segment of "FBCB".

Richard Lobinske completed Part 2 of "Alien Heritage".

Roentgen completed a new segment of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Encounters of the Vampire Kind" and "Iron Cynic - Special Edition - Remember, Remember...." by DJW

Added to

"Nowhere Man" by E. A. Smith
"Home for Pizza aka Of Sibling Bonding" by Kaimelar Feylove

Fan art: a rough draft of a personal Daria DVD cover by TAFKA (link is here at deviantart ).

Friday, February 25, 2005


"Alien Heritage" on PPMB

ahmygoddess had a stress-induced angina attack. The DFB wishes him the best of luck in his recovery.

Today is nonamejane's birthday.

The Daria-Jane Conspiracy is officially back up and running. Links have been added to the left hand side of the page.

Wraith completed another segment of "FBCB".

Lawndale Stalker completed a new segment of "Kidnapped".

Richard Lobinske completed Part 1 of "Alien Heritage".

E. A. Smith completed "Nowhere Man" on the PPMB.

Scissors MacGillicutty posted Part 1 of "Exiles" on SFMB.

Fan art: Kemical Reaxion's "Jane at the Prom". (The link is here , since blogspot and deviantart do not seem to get along.)

"John Lane" by Richard Lobinske:

Note: Might not post again today. Preparing for very big yard sale (no, we're not selling the yard). If you're in need of furniture, and you live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, you might want to drop by on Saturday.


800 x 600

Or thereabouts. If you have your display set to these settings, tell me if the links are still being shoved down to the bottom of the page or not.

Thursday, February 24, 2005



The Daria-Jane Conspiracy is back up, for now.

Will restore links to the site tomorrow.


New Chapter of "Drive" Completed

The Angst Guy completed Chapter 3 of "Drive".

Daria fan art: Quinn Morgendorffer (artist unknown):


DVDaria Blog Updates

The DVDaria Blog has updated.

DJW started "Once Upon a Time in Lawndale Volume 2".

Wraith completed a new section of "FBCB".

Ranger Thorne started a new part of "Shadow of a Cynic: Chapter 4".

Lawndale Stalker completed new sections of "Foggy Lawyer Breakdown".

The Great Saiyaman completed THREE pages of his erotic comic on SFMB.

From somewhere: A cheap-ass Jane Lane student ID -- my suggestion...if people are trying to sell you this on eBay, politely refuse:

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Daria Sims Skins

An odd piece of fan art by Barairo no Jinsei (heads), WDS (Quinn's head) and Threnody's (bodies):


Happy February 23rd

The Angst Guy began the serial "Drive" on PPMB.

Wraith completed another chapter of "FBCB".

sleepless completed Chapter 22 of "Yuki-Onna".

Fan Art: Milo Minderbender's illustration from Diane Long's "It's My Party and I'll Cry, But Not In Front of You!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Another Brief Update

sleepless completed Chapter 22 of "Yuki-Onna".

Fan Art: "Daria at the Prom" by Lynn Davis


New Fanfic

Wraith completed a new chapter of "FBCB".

Richard Lobinske completed "Falling Into College 29 - Back Aboard".

Roentgen completed a new chapter of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

Ray completed another chapter of his sequel to CharlieGirl's "Illusions".

Added to

Chapter 5 of "Finding Your Feelings" by the-lady-luka
Chapter 2 of "Switched" by MiReI nOcHi

Monday, February 21, 2005


Open Thread

Because they ain't nothing going on nowhere. Federal holiday.


Contrarian's Corner Updated; Is Dr. Mike Leaving?

The Contrarian's Corner has updated. Click here to determine what has been added.

The DVDaria Blog has also updated, and you might wish to catch up on the newest efforts to bring Daria to DVD.

Dr. Mike has asked that Daria websites pull his stories. While I don't agree with his decision, I respect it and hope that things get better for Dr. Mike. I would rather that things be going well for Dr. Mike and him have no involvement with Daria fandom than hear that things are going poorly for him while he's involved 24/7. Sometimes, you do have to step back.

I have e-mailed Ann Larimer, the creator of the customized Jane Lane figure below. No response, but the e-mail address given in the article is five years old. If anyone has luck contacting her, please let the DFB know.

Wraith completed a new chapter of "FBCB".

Lawndale Stalker completed more of Chapter 3 of "Kidnapped".

Richard Lobinske completed "Falling Into College 29 - Back Aboard".

Roentgen completed a new part of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

Fan art: the "Legion of Super-Fashion" by mman:

Sunday, February 20, 2005


TDJC May Be Open in Future

Wraith completed a new chapter of "FBCB".

Lawndale Stalker continued Chapter 3 of "Kidnapped".

The Great Saiyaman continued with page 8 of his erotic Daria comic at SFMB.

The mystery of The Daria-Jane Conspiracy going down is solved - lack of funds. From the site owner, Dr. Mike, at PPMB:

January's bill was $65. I had four sites that did more than 10 gigs in traffic. (2 of the TDJC sites, the crossword site, and another one which will get me in trouble if I posted about it here.) In addition, I host over a 100 sites for free and it seems like most of them are now doing a lot more traffic. (Heck Thea's did just under a gig last month and it was 14th on the list in bandwidth. Not to point fingers or anything. Just using that as an example.) I had $50 contributed but that went for paying off of December's bandwidth which is now paid off, had 70 cents earned from the banners, and um $15 from *cough* other affiliate programs which I haven't been paid for yet.


If you want to contribute, feel free to paypal it to michael (dot) wendell (at) theapparatus (dot) net.

Kaimelar Feylove created some new icons at PPMB. A new one:

Added to

"Summer Vacation All I Ever Wanted!" by MiReI nOcHi

What is a fanlisting? To borrow from a definition I've seen cut and pasted many times:

What is a fanlisting? It's a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

And of course, there are Daria fanlistings of all shapes and sizes. If you're a Stacy Rowe fan, you can check out Sweetly Neurotic , fans of Brittany Taylor should see Absolutely Clueless , and even Jake Morgendorffer has his own fan listing at High Strung . There are also show/theme Daria fanlistings, like Do It For Some Guy (the fanlisting for "Pierce Me" fans) and You're Not Better , an anti-Tom "hatelisting". Follow the links and waste 20 minutes.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Minor Updates

Richard Lobinske completed Part 3 of "Falling Into College 29 - Back Aboard".

Would like to post some fan art, but every site I've been to is giving me grief. Perhaps later.


2004 Crappie Award Winners Announced

The Daria-Jane Conspiracy is down.

The winners of the 2004 Crappie Awards have been announced. You can find the complete list at .

Wraith completed a new chapter of FBCB.

Fan art from Rick Hennigan: the "Goth Quinn"

Friday, February 18, 2005


Money for TDJC

Daria is now listed on TMF in the UK to be shown at 10 am UTC tomorrow. (Thanks to the Daria News Archive.)

Roentgen completed a new chapter of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

A new feature at The Daria-Jane Conspiracy: if you do any purchasing at all from eBay, visit this link first when you do your shopping. (The link is also listed as "Find Daria at eBay" on the left hand links at TDJC.) Every time you bid on an item at eBay, a dime will be contributed to TDJC if you make the link above your starting point. Note this is every time you BID on an item, not "every time you win a bid". Even failed bids will result in TDJC getting their dime.


Fan Art Abundance

Mike Xeno completed Part 6 of "Sarcasm at 1600".

Angelinhel wrote a small "ficlet" called "Perfect" on PPMB.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Victory Jig" by Kendra Steiner
"Daria's Accident - Chapter 1" by Kendra Steiner
"Bed and Breakfast Man - Chapter 3" by Ruthless Bunny
"Brother, I Asked for It!" by mman
"Missing" by Lauren Forse

Image: A doll of Jane Lane made by Ann Larimer.

Fan art: The colored version of Daria and Quinn as kids (by Kemical Reaxion):

A "Christmas photo" of Daria's alien daughters from "Alien Pond" drawn by Richard Lobinske

One of many new Daria icons by Kaimelar Feylove:

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Fanfic Abundance

Wraith completed another installment of "FBCB".

Sleepless completed Chapter 21 of "Yuki-Onna".

Lawndale Stalker completed another part of Chapter 3 of "Kidnapped".

Ray posted parts of a rough draft for a new erotic story on SFMB.

The 2004 Crappie Awards will be posted either tonight or Friday.

Screen grab: From "Sealed with a Kick" - Daria in shop class (originally posted by Malevolent Turtle):


Title Here

Yes. Off to a late start again. Hopefully, more detail at lunchtime.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"The Way We Were Meant to Be - Chapters 1 and 2" by Kendra Steiner
"Daria, the Saturnine" by Kendra Steiner
"Bed and Breakfast Man - Chapters 1 and 2" by Ruthless Bunny
"Boxing Quinn" by mman

Added to

"Switched" by mIreH nOcHi
"Finding Your Feelings - Chapter 3" by the-lady-luka

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Daria Wars?

Hiergargo posted "Trent vs. the Non-Bohemian Lanes" on PPMB.

A slight diversion from the usual. I went to one of the Daria fan sites this AM, and the web administrator stated that it was time for a one month rest.

Why? Two reasons: first, when asking for permission to post fan work, many of the people contacted blatantly refused. One person gave the excuse that "(X) is the only REAL Daria fan site" as an excuse. Another reason was that the site was under assault not only by computer attack, but from nastygrams from some right-wing group that wanted the administrator to get rid of all adult works on the sites. The administrator stated that he had been called just about every name except a son of God.

The post isn't there any more (or is carefully hidden), but my comments on the above.

1) I think that the problem with Daria fandom is that unlike your job or school or any real world social group, Daria fandom is more or less a random sampling of humanity. School, work, and informal groups have a way of excluding the type of people that we call "dicks".

In "flesh space" we can ignore those people or have them removed from the group. Usually, they don't even GET to the group. They're not hired, they flunk out, are arrested, whatever. In "cyber space", we can't ignore those people, and one comes to the conclusion quite quickly in any fandom that one is dealing with a bunch of sociopathic personalities.

So is Daria fandom chock full of nuts? Probably as much as any fandom. It only seems like everyone is nutty since we usually go out of our way to avoid crazy people in real life, and it is a shocker to be exposed to those people. Already, a notorious fan has been banned from SFMB for out of bounds behavior. I don't think that Daria fandom is worse or better than any other fandom, save for the fact that there is the disturbing tendency now for people to move from real names to "handles" in order for their personal privacy/safety to be maintained.

One class below the sociopaths, we find the "dicks". Many Second Fans are ASTONISHED, nay, HORRIFIED to find out that some BNFs and First Fans are...well..."dicks". Trust me, it happens. You try to talk to these people, and they unload both guns on you. These people are still struggling with some third-grade trauma, and they're going to take it out on you if they think they have an easy target.

Many "dicks" are still able to function in society. There are many of them on message boards all over Daria fandom -- we won't name names; trust me, you know who they are already. And some of our best authors and biggest BNFs are "dicks". And they will snap at you just for the hell of it.

Just smile, say, "thank you", and move on with your life. My two cents.

2) As for the cyberassault, I'd love to know the name of that group, so at least Daria fandom could hold them in collective and individual derision. But that's as may be.

A lot of Second Fans forget how sensitive the idea of "adult" works are. For the longest time in fandom, there WERE no erotic fan works. When "Ragged Denim" came out (T. Wilde and Ivanova), there was a firestorm of controversy. D.DEBBS ended up isolating herself; I don't know the story about that but the Martin Pollard faction won that fight.

When myself (and other fans) created "Lawndale after Dark", there was another firestorm. We KNEW there would be a firestorm. That's why it was created. Wouter Jaegers could write stuff like "Let's Be in Love" (Quinn/Stacy non-erotic slash) and there was the genre of fiction I am forced to call "rapefic" (character is raped, becomes a better person for it), but boobs and wangs were somehow out of bounds.
I thought that quite prudish; I am still pleased with the results.

Now, there's erotica all over, particularly at SFMB and The Daria-Jane Conspiracy. No one notices, or cares. However, I will tell another tale out of fandom.

At one time, used to host "R (or X)" rated works. You could get erotica on, as well as Harry Potter fan fiction.

Xing, the webmaster of, was getting a lot of complaints. First, from those who felt like the X-rated work was leading fans to hell. Second, from places like JK Rowling's watchdogs zealously out to defend copywright.

So Xing did three things:
a) yanked all of the dirty stuff,
b) pulled all literature based fanfiction
c) pulled all reality show fan fiction (at one time you could find Ryan Stiles/Colin Mochrie slash at the "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" site -- I swear to your deity I am not killing).

People went wild over Xing's decision. I think I was the only one who understood it. Xing had a site to run, and he needed to keep the site safe. There wasn't that much erotic out there, he didn't need the lawsuits, and he found that slash stories involving real people crossed moral lines. So he killed the stories. He kept the site alive, more secure, more free of lawsuits.

If someone had to pull erotic stories from a Daria fan site, that would be fine. However, I hope someone would put up another site where those stories could be stored.

Finally, there's a way to deal if you want to post your stories on a Daria fan fiction web site and don't care if some other webmaster wants to post the stories. Just put this at the end:

This work remains the property of its original creator. The original creator agrees to grant any website a non-commercial license to publish and display this Work or to publish, display or otherwise use the Work in a non-commercial manner, with the condition that the work not be substantially altered from its original form. Sites which reprint this work acknowledge that the original creator retains all moral rights to the Work, includuing the absolute right to ask that the work be removed from any website. "Daria" and other characters which appear are creations of MTV/Viacom, and all rights are reserved.


Heights is back up. Category links have changed, however, and the link on the side will be changed soon.

Wraith completed another installment of "FBCB".

Richard Lobinske completed "John Lane 2 - Can I Just Have the Coffee?".

Gregor Samsa's list of the estimated heights of Daria characters can be found at:
this link . He will submit the list to the fan sites as soon as he writes a suitable introduction.

Richard Lobinske completed Part 1 of "Falling Into College 29 - Back Aboard".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Instability - Chapter 3" by Kendra Steiner
"When the Torrent of That Time Comes Pouring Back" by The Angst Guy
"Falling Into College 15 - Freedom of Speech" by Richard Lobinske

Added to

"A date he dreamed of" by Alice Shade

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Top Ten PPMB Posters remains down.

Top Ten posters on the Paperpusher Message Board (PPMB):

1. Kara Wild, 2844 posts
2. drmike, 2801 posts
3. crossada75, 2433 posts
4. R(ichard)Lobinske, 2421 posts
5. Deref, 2416 posts
6. Kristen Bealer, 2398 posts
7. Isa(belle) Yo(ung)-Jo(hnson), 2087 posts
8. The Angst Guy, 1985 posts
9. Angelinhel, 1934 posts
10. Dervish, 1744 posts

How will this list look a year from now. More than likely, Richard Lobinske will become the top PPMB poster with Isa Yo-Jo and Dervish following close behind. Most of the people on this list have been posting on PPMB even before 2003 (when the turnover from the old PPMB board to the new board took place), but RLobinske, Isa Yo-Jo and Dervish joined several months later in 2004 and are already at the top ten.

Does the top ten have any meaning? There's at least one poster here who doesn't really make that many posts having to do with Daria or Daria fandom. However, these are frequent commenters and are probably the people it would be safe to ask if you had a question about anything fan-related.


To Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike,

Check your Daria Slash Forums regarding a letter you have received or will receive.



The Return of the Padre

Brandon League's birthday was February 12th. Happy Birthday!

Deceleraptor is in a lot of pain, so any prayers/wishes sent his way would be helpful.

Father Martin Sylvester has returned to the PPMB. He states that the reason he had to "get out of the kitchen" has been taken care of, and he will be posting there again.

Wraith completed a new installment of "FBCB".

Ray completed another installment of his sequel to Charlie-Girl's "Illusions".

The resutls of the 2004 Crappie Awards will be announced in a few days.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Instability - Chapters 2 and 3" by Kendra Steiner
"Changes, Secrets, and Other Disturbing Parts of Growing Up" by Kendra Steiner
"Angst Nauseum" by mman
Artwork by Richard Lobinske. is down.

Fan art: image from psychotol's "Living Dead Girls":

Monday, February 14, 2005


The Daria Shrine Updates

The Daria Shrine updated on February 12, 2205 with fan art by SRA and Redleg Rick.

Mike Y. has just changed his name to Mike Xeno. The name change is to preserve privacy and safety.

Greystar wrote a new installment of "Daria: 3059".

Fan art: an unfinished work of Daria and Quinn when they were young:


Outpost Daria Updated

From the Daria News Archive: listings for Daria are NOT showing up on the TMF schedule in the UK. This is newsworthy as the episodes were to be shown on TMF there.

Outpost Daria has updated. The new additions are here .

Wraith completed a new installment of FBCB.

The Angst Guy completed his sequel to "Nine Point Oh" called "When the Torrent of Time Comes Pouring Back".

Lawndale Stalker completed Chapter 3 of "Kidnapped".

sleepless completed Chapter 20 of "Yuki-Onna".

E. A. Smith completed "Seven Days" and added a new epilogue.

Richard Lobinske completed a new chapter of "John Lane 2 - Can I Just Have the Coffee?".

A new thread in the Creative Writing forum of PPMB discusses the return of the Daria/Trent relationshipper story. Worth a visit.

Richard Lobinske requested an Iron Chef based on fan art of the Daria characters when they were kids. Someone pointed him to the artwork of Liliane Grenier, found here at Outpost Daria.

New at The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Instability - Chapter 1" by Kendra Steiner
"All in a Rowe" by mman
The Daria Temporal Analysis Project by Richard Lobinske

Lots of new fan art out there, so just two pictures:

Ranger Thorne's Ms. Li from "Cynical Symphonies":

Art from a Deref art chef contribution from Deref ("A Pet for Quinn"). The illustration is by Damaged Roses:


Hit By Cupid's Taser

Slow out of the gate today.

Update will probably be mid-day.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


The Origin of Daria and Quinn?

Most fans know that the current MTV Daria site is at . There, you'll find two flipbooks, one of character designs and the other of Daria alter-egos.

The Daria Fandom Blog asks if there was another MTV Daria URL other than this one (the "old MTV Daria site"). If you know the location, please leave it in the comments.

The Angst Guy comes up with an interesting theory. Between 1979 and 1981, there was an American cartoon called the "Godzilla Power Hour". I won't explain the plot, but one of the scientists was known as Professor Darien Quinn:

(Note: other websites call her Professor Quinn Darien.) Is this the secret origin story of the Morgendorffer Sisters?

(Also thanks to the fan who found that Tom Sloane's name might have come from The Great Gadsby - sorry, I can't remember his or her name.)

There is a long thread titled "Aspect of the Show...." in the "Deep Thoughts" section of PPMB which is worth a read.

Lawndale Stalker completed more of Chapter Two of "Kidnapped".

E. A. Smith is up to Chapter 7, Part 2 of "Seven Days".

Wraith completed a new part of "FBCB".

The Great Saiyaman completed a new page of his erotic Daria comic, "Daria Joins the Raft University Triple Cross Club", which can be found in secret sections of the SFMB.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Alias: Melody Powers" by Kendra Steiner
"Falling Into College 24 - Silver Lining" by Richard Lobinske
"Disappearing Act" by mman
"West Lawndale Grand Ballroom Gown" by Richard Lobinske

Added to

Chapter 2 of "The Gettogether of Hell" by evy29

From "This Book Sucks" from MTV (a Beavis and Butt-head book): Daria facing a crisis ....

Fanart: a new picture of Stacy from TAFKA....

From Damaged Roses - Daria, Jane, Quinn, Brittany, and the rest of the Fashion Club as "Tank Girls"....

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Four Things That Need to Get Done

(Because of course, I, CINCGREEN, know exactly what needs to get done and what doesn't.)

1) The Daria Encyclopedia needs to be completed. If my move happens in March/April, I should have a couple of months off. This will give me time to finish the work and decided if anyone wants to host it and I can move it away from, which is its current resting place (Note: very very long time to download.)

2) There needs to be some kind of tape exchange in Daria fandom. MST3K has a tape exchange, where fans of the show can exchange tapes with other fans. Right now, there is no way for anyone whose collection is short a few episodes to get those episodes. I'm not talking about selling tapes, per se, I'm talking about certain fans agreeing to making the tapes as courtesy for other fans. This would be done on a not-for-profit basis (only charge is for purchasing the tapes and mailing them). KEEP SENDING THE TAPES/DVDs! GET IT TOGETHER! RAH! RAH! RAH!

3) With the above in mind, Daria fandom needs to come to a hard, no-wiggle-room decision regarding those who sell Daria DVD collections for profit. Is the policy to
a) report these people to Viacom?
b) report these people to ISP/website administrators?
c) agree never to report on these sites in the hopes of killing publicity for them?
d) figuring out which sites are "trustworthy" and telling our friends through private messages/email?
e) recommend sites to fans?

The problem is that for many years, Viacom has treated Daria fans like the proverbial red-haired stepchildren. I don't want to do Viacom's police work for it when it moved the show around for years, showed each Season Five episode a grand total of one time on MTV, and drags its feet on the DVD issue. (Sorry Kara.)

4) Look over nmorgendorffer's "Beginner's Guide to Daria Fandom". Where's that guide?


More Fan Faces

Lawndale Leftovers has updated with three new fragments.

A picture of Wouter Jaegers and another picture of Father Martin Sylvester (an older picture).

Crabcake reprinted Episode 2 and the unfinished Episode 3 of "An Age Old Question" by Beth Ann on PPMB. She lost these files in a computer crash.

Lawndale Stalker completed further parts of Chapter 3 of "Kidnapped".

Roentgen completed two new parts of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

Ray continued more of his demonic-possession sequel to "Illusions" on SFMB.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Lawntropolis! - Chapters 14, 15, and 16" by Milo Minderbender
"Ninety-Three" by mman

Added to

"Kidnapped" by Lawndale Stalker
Chapter 4 of "Can You Say Adopted?" (formerly "Why?") by MiReI nOcHi
"Untitled at the Moment" by MiReI nOcHi
Chapter 3 of "Raven Azarath" by Ace Trax

Fan art by Damaged_Roses - a picture from "Illusions" by CharlieGirl/The Angst Guy:

Friday, February 11, 2005


Naughty Fans and Naughty Art

The SFMB has now officially shut down guest posting privileges. In order to post on the Sheep's Fluff Message Board, you MUST register for an account.

A picture of Daria from adult cartoon artist Escoria (don't ask how I found it). It was the only non-R rated Daria picture of his I found. So this might not be safe for work, and might offend some people. Your opinions?

(The picture is here .)


Where is Diane Long?

Wraith completed another part of "FBCB".

Lawndale Stalker continues Chapter 2 of "Kidnapped".

Richard Lobinske completed "Falling Into College 28 - The Parents Are At Rest".

E. A. Smith has completed "Seven Days" up to Chapter 6, Parts 1 and 2.

There had been a question on PPMB as to where to find Diane Long's work. Diane Long's website is at .

Happy (belated) Birthday to an anonymous First Fan.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Lawntropolis!" -- Chapters 9 through 13 by Milo Minderbender
"Bravechuck" by mman

Added to

Chapter 3 of "Why?" by MiReI nOcHi
Chapter 3 of "What Happens Next?" by Kaimelar Feylove

TDJC has also added fanart by theartistformerlyknownas, or "TAFKA". Posting the art from the DFB has been difficult as most of TAFKA's art is at deviantart, and most work-based PCs will block the site outright.

From TAFKA: Daria as a "Hooters" girl (Hooters is an American restaurant chain known for its scantily-clad waitresses):

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Guess the Avatar

Here are ten avatars from various Daria fans posting on PPMB. Without rushing to PPMB to check, can you guess the identity of each fan?


If you can't identify all of them, you'll have to read "Night of the Storm" or any work by the Banned Nameless One.


New Chapters and Leftovers

Greystar completed a new chapter of "Daria 3059".

Lawndale Stalker completed Chapter 2 of "Kidnapped".

Roentgen completed a new chapter of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".

Just a reminder regarding a site that many Daria fans don't know about. It's called "Lawndale Leftovers" and can be found here .

Unlike the "Canonical Eight" fan fiction websites, Lawndale Leftovers does NOT accept your typical Daria fanfiction story. What they accept are stories that are "unfinished, short, or just didn't work out".

Types of stories accepted, according to the webmaster of Lawndale Leftovers, SUSU:

"Ficlets: Short self-contained fics, usually with surprising endings.
Fragments: Single scenes that were meant to be part of a fanfic that never took shape, or that were cut from an existing fanfic.
Failed attempts: Fanfic gone wrong in the broadest terms. Characters and plot lines that go out of control and make a mess of coherent thoughts.
Songfics: Song Adaptations or original songs.
Rants: Opinionated? Angry? Controversial? If you want to turn the Daria community upside down. Here!
100 Words: Ficlets with no more than 100 words end up here.
Featured Stories: If it sucks so bad it´s really good, it´s still to good to be put here. If it´s so bad that it it´s worse than those fics that are too bad to be so bad they are good it might qualify.
Meta: Daria on a different level. Das Pferd grasst auf der Metaebene, baby."

Send him your stuff at webmaster at post-neo dot com. However, he is having trouble with that address; you might wish to copy to gunkel-kirchhumden at t-online dot de.


SFMB Banning Takes Place

CharlieGirl requests prayers in finding her significant other (David) a new job.

Wraith completed Part 3 of "FBCB".

One of the "Crappie Awards" threads at PPMB was locked after some fannish fire exchange.

Lawndale Stalker completed Part 1 of "Kidnapped".

Richard Lobinske completed Part 3 of "Falling Into College 28 - The Parents are at Rest".

The Angst Guy completed Part 12 of "Illusions" (which might be the final part).

E. A. Smith completed Chapter 5 of "Seven Days".

A new Livejournal has been completed for those who want to post SFMB type threads whenever SFMB is down (or just, whenever they want to). The location is at .

Mike Yamiolkoski completed "Sarcasm at 1600", Chapter 5.

The notorious Daria fan whose name begins with "R", ends with "n" and has "o-n-i" in the middle has been banned from SFMB. Posts which were posted by him now read as posted by "Guest". (Furthermore, his suspected alternate screen name of an Ivy League college located in New Hampshire is also deleted.)


All Good Things....

...come to those who wait. Running behind this AM. So a picture of beautiful Tiffany Blum-Deckler will have to do until midday.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Crappie Tiebreaker

The 2004 Crappie Awards are completed, but there are a few categories that are tied. If you have not voted, now is the best time to do it!

Fan art by Richard Lobinske:


More Fan Work Posted

E. A. Smith completed Chapter 4 of "Seven Days".

Richard Lobinske completed Part 2 of "Falling Into College 28 - The Parents are at Rest".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Lawntropolis! - Chapters 6, 7, and 8" by Milo Minderbender
"Reaching For Her Roots" by Kendra Steiner

Added to

"Why? - Chapter 2" by MiReI nOcHi

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Matt is Back From Surgery

Matt has recovered from surgery and is back at PPMB.

Having some problems posting fan art. Usually I will link to a site and set height and width attributes, but the WYSIWIG editor tends to mix up the img tabs. Will experiment at home.


Voting for 2004 Crappies Closed

Dr. Mike statistically breaks down some of the fanwork submitted to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy at the TDJC forum.

The voting for the 2004 Crappie Awards is now closed. Expect the results to be posted soon.

Richard Lobinske finished Part 1 of "Falling Into College 28 - The Parents Are at Rest".

E. A. Smith finished Chapter 4, Part 2 of "Seven Days".

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Lawntropolis - Chapters 3, 4, and 5" by Milo Minderbender
"When the Fat Lady Sings" by mman

Added to

"Why?" by MiReI nOcHi

Monday, February 07, 2005



"et alia" now wishes to be know as "Scissors MacGillicutty".

sleepless completed Chapter 19 of "Yuki-Onna".

Kara Wild reports that the reason Michelle Klein-Hass took down the Lawndale Commons website was due to her embarrassment of having contributed to Daria/Trent relationshipper fan fiction.

Deref wishes for all Daria fans to ask Michelle Klein-Hass to bring the site back up (or to make her missing stories available). He also asks that C. L. Basso also return his missing works. I'm sure either author can be reached through PPMB, but if anyone wishes to provide e-mail addresses, I'll post them here at the Daria Fandom Blog.


Lawndale Commons Comes Down

On The Music Factory's message board (The Music Factory is a UK project of MTV), there's a brand new topic called "Let's All Talk About Daria". It can be found here . So go there!

(Thanks to Father Martin Sylvester for pointing it out on the Daria News Archive, and everyone else for flooding the boards earlier.)

Michelle Klein-Hass has permanently taken down Lawndale Commons. She has moved her own stories elsewhere (particularly, to The Sheep's Fluff), and will pull the "Lawndale, CT" stories permanently. According to Richard Lobinske, the reason is that she felt Quinn's rape in the "Lawndale, CT" continuum influenced too many other similar rape stories.

Gregor Samsa (Shane Greentree) won the AE Cahill History Prize, as the best first year student in Modern European History. Congratulations.

E. A. Smith is pursuing his Ph. D. on the subject of exploding stars and the expanding universe.

Ranger Thorne finished "Shadow of a Cynic: Chapter 4".

E. A. Smith started Part 1 of Chapter 4 of "Seven Days".

The Angst Guy finished Part 11 of "Illusions".

There is only one day left of voting for the 2004 Crappie Awards.

thea_zara states that there are no plans for any kind of political forum on SFMB. PPMB has a politics forum, but SFMB does not.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"They Came from Planet Xulfanex -- Epilogue and Final Notes" by Kara Wild
"Lawntropolis! -- Chapters 1 and 2" by Milo Minderbender

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Daria's Inferno Redux

There are two pictures of the_cheshire_cat posted at PPMB. One is here , and the other is here .

Ranger Thorne posted a new work of fiction ("There's no good title for this") on SFMB.

Some interesting screenshots from the game "Daria's Inferno" can be found at , of all places. Here is a screenshot of Daria in her room -- the image is here .


The Return of the Banners

The DVDaria banners at DVDaria have now been returned to their former pristine glory (thanks to Alan Benard). If you have a Daria fan page, now is the time to create a banner link to the DVDaria site.

Welcome to Greybird, a new fan at the PPMB.

E. A. Smith completed another part of Chapter 3 of "Seven Days".

The first two pages of an erotic Daria comic were completed by The Great Saiyaman at SFMB.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Illusions - The Unswerving Punctuality of --" by CharlieGirl(Kendra) and et alia
Chapters 2 and 3 of "Apocalypse Then" by Milo Minderbinder

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Daria and Jane Go To Mars

A web comic by Yul Tobert. It's got Daria, Jane, and you might even learn something by the time it's done.

It's here .

It's great.

I wish I could draw.


Who is Dr. Mike?

From Father Martin Sylvester at TMF, which will be showing Daria on Saturdays in the UK, is actually "The Music Factory", a Viacom-run version of MTV in the UK. (Their forum is located at the domain.) The forum can be found here . I suggest you log in and suggest Daria episodes immediately.

A picture of the mysterious Dr. Mike can be found here .

Other pictures of posted pictures by Australian Daria fan Deref can be found on the PPMB. He has just had a visit from Malevolent Turtle, an Australian Daria fan from Sydney.

Dr. Mike completed Chapter 4 of "Daria Saves Christmas".

The Great Saiyaman will be working on an erotic Daria comic where Daria joins a fraternity. Visit the hidden sections of the SFMB for details.

Roentgen completed a new chapter of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".


New Daria News All Around

Kara Wild has some new news on the DVDaria Blog. I suggest you go here right now and read it.

Daria will now be shown in the UK on digital channel TMF at 10am Saturday GMT. (Shout out to the Daria News Archive .)

Angelinhel completed Part 2 of "Be Careful What You Wish For".

There are 3 voting days left for the 2004 Crappie Awards.

E. A. Smith continues Chapter 3 of "Seven Days".

Nemo Blank wrote an imaginary Mystik Spiral song without a title ("No Shirt") which can be found on an Iron Chef thread at the PPMB.

At the SFMB, Ronin would like to know why (s)he is hated so much.

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"They Came from Planet Xulfanex - Chapter #19" by Kara Wild
"Pause in the Air - Chaputer 8 - April Showers" by The Angst Guy
"Apocalypse Then - Intro" and "Apocalypse Then - Chapter 1 - Okay to Cry Corral" by Milo Minderbender

Friday, February 04, 2005


Writings Galore

Dr. Mike has completed Chapter 3 of "Daria Saves Christmas".

Ranger Thorne has completed a new segment of Chapter 4 of "Shadow of a Cynic".

E. A. Smith has completed a new segment of Chapter 3 of "Seven Days".

A small untitled work of fiction by Angelinhel is at PPMB (and is looking for a title).

Roentgen completed a new chapter of "Legion of Lawndale Heroes".


Happy Birthdays

Ranger Thorne has posted new parts of "Shadow of a Cynic".

E. A. Smith has finished Chapter 2 of "Seven Days".

SteveBlumDeckler's birthday is February 5th. Richard Lobinske's WIFE's birthday is February 14th.

There are four more days to vote for the 2004 Crappie Awards.

Added to the The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Free Your Mind Instead" by TiffanysBro
"Lawntropolis - Intro" by Milo Minderbender

Thursday, February 03, 2005


The Urban Daria

From the page on Daria : these are some of the definitions posted:

A great show that was aired on MTV back when it was actually a cool channel. Spin-off of Beavis and Butthead which featured a highly intelligent high school girl with a razor sharp wit. Was unpopular because she refused to conform to the masses of brainwashed sheep at her high school. Had a sister named Quinn who was a superficial, stuck-up little bitch and was supposedly a fashion maven, yet wore the exact same outfit almost every single episode.


One of the EXTREMELY few shows MTV had that was actually good, along with Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butt-head. Daria was very anti-MTV in nature, and it was no wonder that it was cancelled by those stupid fucks at MTV.


it was one of the very few good MTV shows. She was anti-social,hated sport,liked sick sad world and she rocked. She also talked quite slow and had a friend called Jane. Stupid MTV they axed it!


The true meaning of what it is to be a high-schoola'..Never givin a fuck about no one or nothin. Never gettin' involved in shit. You hoes need to stop standin' on her neck


A very awesome show about an anti-social and cynical teenage girl named *duh!* Daria Morgendorffer.

Maybe we need to put up some better definitions....


Old Creations and New Creations

Happy 39th Birthday to Redleg Rick!

E. A. Smith has started work on "Seven Days", a cross between Daria and "The Ring".


Unhealthy Obsessions

Happy Birthday to uvarov!

Lawndale Stalker completed Part 12 of "Once Upon a Time in College".

A Daria fan of long standing (I'll withhold the name since I didn't ask for permission to print it) has a blog at . So far, there's a "Daria Site of the Day" as well as commentary from a left of center perspective (you have been warned).

Added to The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"Geneaological Exam" and "Blood and Irony" by Schol-R-LEA
"They Came from Planet Xulfanex - Chapter #17" by Kara Wild

Added to

Chapter 4 of "Estrangesters" by ostragoth
Chapters 1 and 2 of "I'll Be There" and Chapter 2 of "What Happens Next?" by
Kaimelar Feylove

Unhealthy art demand: Astro-Jane from the Spanish Daria site listed below (see February 2)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A Welcome and An Update

We welcome Kaimelar Feylove to the Daria message boards!

The Angst Guy completed Part 9 of "Illusions".


Jane and Brittany Caught!

Ranger Thorne added new parts to "Shadow of a Cynic".

The Angst Guy completed Part 8 of "Illusions". He also pointed out two foreign language Daria sites here and here .

The first site takes some time to download, but you will find Jane and Brittany "caught" not as Pokemon, but as "bishoujo", or "pretty girls". The second site is a Spanish language Daria site.

Richard Lobinske completed "Falling Into College 27 - Lost Eagles Found".

Dr. Mike completed two parts of "Daria Saves Christmas".

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


More Fan Art

Lawndale Stalker posted a short work of fiction, "Makeover", on

The Angst Guy completed Part 7 of "Illusions".

mman posted this picture of Jane on PPMB:

The Angst Guy posted colorized art of Jane and Daria from "Pause in the Air":


February Kicks In

William Klepado reports to DVDaria that the block of time at "The-N" allocated to Daria
episodes has been shrunk from one hour to thirty minutes.

Willam's Noggin Page (which links to the rest of his Daria fan site) can be found at .

If you need a way to get in touch with Kemical Reaxion outside of her given e-mail, look through the comments sections of the January 31, 2005 update of the Daria Fandom Blog.

Season One of "Wonderfalls" is out on DVD today. Sarah Drew, the voice of Stacy in Daria, has a guest starring role in Episode #2.

Ranger Thorne has started "Shadow of a Cynic: Chapter 4".

Beth Ann has reposted "Age Old Question" a story written 1 1/2 years ago about Daria meeting a male version of Jane.

Greystar has written a new chapter of "Daria 3059".

Richard Lobinske needs beta readers for "Alien Home". He has also finished Part 5 of "Falling Into College 27 - Lost Eagles Found".

DJW has completed a new chapter of "The Spiked 6-Pack".

Posted at The Daria-Jane Conspiracy:

"They Came from Planet Xulfanex - Chapters #14 and #15" by Kara Wild
"Eight Legged Pink" and "The Morning After" by Brandon League

Posted at

Chapter 5 of "Stirrings" by DariaM

New fanart posted at PPMB (and SFMB):

A new picture of Jane by mman
A colorized picture from "Pause in the Air" by The Angst Guy

A semi-canonical list of the EIGHT Daria fan sites that accept fan fiction was posted on PPMB. The list, in no particular order:

The Contrarian's Corner
Outpost Daria
The Daria-Jane Conspiracy
Sick Sad World
The Sheep's Fluff
The Daria Shrine

Lots of choices of fan art, obviously. So I'll hold on to them for now and just get the post out.

(last post edited under death threat)

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